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Envista is a global family of three operating companies and more than 30 trusted dental brands, united by a shared purpose: to partner with professionals to improve lives. Envista helps its partners deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading products, solutions, and technology.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "The package they offer you may seem appealing but remember that your employment is not guaranteed. Envista is not very nice to their employees. I would highly consider staying put or finding something else that is more stable".


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Former Employee - Consultant says

"Watch out for managers acting like your friend but just want to suck information out of you and fire you once they have everything. I heard from many coworkers about the company not having a direction or management misguiding or treating employees badly."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Do not expect any loyalty from this company towards its employees. You will be expected to work overtime everyday without even being appreciated for your time and effort. There is absolutely no mentorship from your seniors. You are merely a robot for the company who is expected to do what is being told. Your voice or opinions have no value at all. The salary is low. They fire and hire at no given notice."

Current Employee - D365 Consultant says

"This company is very quick in firing people. 50% of the people they hired, they fired. In addition, for the new hire, they watch their every move. Shadow you on the project. It's very different. No way to live."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"- Toxic upper management. Says some crazy inappropriate stuff - fraternity mentality. People promoted that should not have been - Actively yelling at people in front of others - Spread false message on value of company. - Sold a branch off that was netting a profit without any warning - Became unemployed."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They find a way to screw you on EVERY commission check. Let me say that again...EVERY comission check. You bring them the business and they will find a way to NOT pay you. The only people who make money here, are related to the owners or are the owners. Nobody stays at enVista long. Life is way to short. Find a good company that values their people. This is not one of them. In one phrase "Don't work here.""

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is a lot expected from the employees. If you do not go above and beyond and consistently work over and weekends, you are not thought of as pulling your weight. Work/life balance is supposed to be a key factor of the culture but, in reality, working late and weekends is more the norm here. With the rapid growth in the last five years, the culture did not keep pace."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours Terrible compensation Performance reviews are an absolute joke Managers with little to no experience No structure for future growth CEO needs to let go and trust his fellow executives Remote managers would scream at you through the phone"


"The reason why is because your founder used to be at Wal mart-get ready folks--it's gonna get a lot worse-good luck"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very long hours expected- seeing coworkers sleep in the office is not unheard of, neither is staying well into the night. Pay is significantly lower than competitors. Cliques are predominant and politics run rampant. If you want to earn $40k and work 70+ hours, you might like it here. Oh, and you will be judged and passed over for promotions if you don't keep up with the hours."

Former Employee - Employee says

"Little to no trust in employees, their skillset or capability to fulfil the task in hand Very little room to grow within this company"

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are related and want to be treated as less than if you are not, then this is the place for you. Great to intern or if you don't know any better. Sharing rooms when traveling. Management THINKS they have all the best ideas. If you don't go along or are in the "club" then life will be a living you know what. All they want is your book of business.nonetoo many to list"

Systems Architect/Dynamics AX Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The package they offer you may seem appealing but remember that your employment is not guaranteed. This company is not very nice to their employees. I would highly consider staying put or finding something else that is more stable.healthcare, dental, vision, bonuses availablemanagement is not direct, no clear goals are set from management, don't worry if you worked 70 hours - you'll still be told you need to cancel personal appointments."

Principal Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Body shop without substance - most of it is about massaging the director's ego who are do not understand the day to day work of the consultants. Only one director is worthwhile.NoneManagement"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Like the design of the new office. with the rapid growth, space is already becoming limited. Young and fast paced environment. Work hard, play hard philosophy.Chair massagesGrowing fast"

Principal Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Your are a contractor on a salary. No benefits of contracting no benefits of salary. The salary rate that they charge you out at is difficult for employers to pay."

System Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Can learn a lot within the first year, but afterwards, there are no more career future, the company only works for small companies that has no involvement in the big IT industries."

Customer service analyst (Former Employee) says

"A great bunch of people work here, very friendly and welcoming. The day to day is different all the time and very busy, interacting with a lot of oversea companies.Beer fridaysNot a lot of holidays"

Sachin Pardeshi says

"As per early payment date given by c2fo not adhered ."

Finance Petfive says

"Tried to explain our situation with amazon, which changed our vendor code. And nothing was done to update it in C2FO. All requests made to update the vendor code were ignored and deleted on the C2FO platform. It does not work at all!"

Bhaskar Krishnachari says

"Not honouring the awarded payments even after 15 days. No proper reasons provided. No calls are attended. No reply to mails. Not recommended. Very very poor service. Even till today not paid the awarded amount."

H says

"System sucks. This is coming from a veteran chief marketing officer. It tricks the end user into saving money for the payee waiting to get paid."